Dean’s List honors are given to students at the end of every semester whose QPI average will qualify in the standards set by the school.
First Honors             –      1.00 – 1.25
Second Honors        –      1.26 – 1.50
Third Honors           –      1.51 – 1.75

Graduation Honors

For a student to qualify for a graduation honor and award, he/ she must have at least completed 80% of the total required academic units of the school. Also, he/ she must not have committed any acts contrary to the school’s policy and code of conduct in his/ her entire duration in the school.
For a student to graduate Summa Cum Laude, he must have a QPA of 1.0 but not more than 1.20;
For a student to graduate Magna Cum Laude, he must have a QPA of 1.21 but not more than 1.40;
For a student to graduate Cum Laude, he must have a QPA of 1.41 but not more than 1.60.
Provided, that a student will not get a grade lower than 2.0 in any of his/her subjects

Leadership Awards

A leadership award with be given to a student who has displayed outstanding performance shall responsible leadership in the school, exuded a firm moral conviction, and service to the community.
To qualify, the student must meet the following criteria;
1. Has served the Student Supreme Council for at least 2 years
2. Has shown exceptional leadership in school activities
3. Has an average grade of 2.5 but no grade lower than 2.5
4. Has not been disciplined by the school for academic and
non-academic reasons
The award is subject to the approval of the College Deans and College President