The Registrar’s Office keeps all academic records, consolidates class and examination schedules, facilitates the registration, release, transfer, and graduation of students. One of the responsibilities of the Registrar is to make sure that the students records are kept confidential. The Registrar’s Office is also in-charge in the insurance claims made by the faculty, staff, and students.
The Registrar’s Office secures the Identification number for every student upon enrolment.
The Registrar’s Office has the authority to change the NO GRADE, INC, NFE to 5.0 of a student’s grade if it passed the required time of a semester to comply. Only one semester is given for this regard in every student


The Finance Office is in-charge of the financial operations of the school.
Their specific duties include;
    1. Collection of tuition fees and other incomes of the school.
    2. Issues exam permits and library cards.
    3. Releases the budget for different proposals


The Assessment Office holds the statement of accounts of the students. It includes the recording and posting of the tuition fee balance of the students.
Assessment period for the students shall be five days before the term exam